Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays

I probably won't get a chance to update again before New Year's, so I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of December and a great start to 2016.

I contacted a friend of mine who's a web developer about fixing up my Fantasy Football website, and the book continues to come along. Things are exciting on this end, and hopefully on yours as well.

See you in the new year!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015


A few updates: I'm about a third of the way through editing my book. It's slow-going; honestly I can't seem to find motivation to just tear through it. I'm forcing myself to do something every morning, but it isn't enough. A part of me thinks I should just start the next one (I think I feel like this one will need a lot of cleaning up) but I know that unless I start publishing things I won't be able to move forward. So I'm going to finish editing this one and probably do a third edit before I publish it as an ebook. Then I can start the next novel.

In other news, my FF has a technical problem. I contacted their hotline and online "coach" or whatever and neither could help me change its default color (which is this hideous orange). Their suggestion was to delete it and restart, which is crushing. I don't want to keep updating it if I will have to delete it anyway. I think when I get paid next I will hire an actual designer to make me one so I can jump into in earnest, but the Fantasy season is almost done. I might wait to do it sometime in the offseason, we'll see.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Beta Site

I haven't been able to post much content on my Fantasy Football website just yet, but I'm getting there. I'm gradually getting the hang of formatting the site, but it still looks awful. I wish I had more of a background in this area, but the best thing I can do is keep plowing forward. Once I'm a little more proud of the product I'll link it here; I'm loathe to start sharing it on social media until it feels more polished. Let's call it the beta site for now.

The book is coming along. As I feared, progress in that area slowed down when I introduced more work to my time by focusing on the Fantasy Football site. It's hard to juggle so many things at once; I still work 40+ hours a week, exercise almost every morning and try to make sure I spend time every day with my fiancé. I keep trying to find more time in each day, but I'm running out of non-productive things I can eliminate. I'm a little concerned I'm trying to do too much too fast and I'll burn myself out, but I'm sick of thinking of things and going, "I wish I had begun that two years ago."

I hope everyone has a solid Wednesday. I'll update again soon!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Two Projects?

I started a Fantasy Football blog. It feels a little ridiculous because 1) the season is almost over and 2) I'm not sure anyone wants to hear my opinion to begin with, but it's fun. I have zero idea about how to build a website so it looks rough as hell.

Between that and editing my book I feel like I'm being productive. It's hard to work so much (actual work and then doing everything else, too) and I don't spend as much time as I used to reading or playing video games. That's probably not a bad thing, however.

So far in the last two months I've made a ton of lifestyle changes. I guess this is growing up.

There's the book and the FF site now. This blog could I guess be considered a third project, but two updates a week isn't that rough yet.

Hope everyone had a nice start to their Decembers!