Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Recipe for Comedy is Serial Killers?

Usually I work from home; I'll sit outside with a cup of coffee and headphones planted in my ears, spending 3-4 hours doing whatever needs to be done. But sometimes I run off somewhere else if my house is proving too distracting (i.e. Mass Effect 3 is begging me to finish it).

Other times I run off to a Starbucks or where ever, find a corner to sit in and try not too distracted by the hundreds of messages I get an hour from my massive pool of fans.

Pictured: My fans.

Right now I have one more Cracked article queued up to come out, but then the next closest thing is some stuff I'm working on that's only half done. Really this is my own fault; from the first Cracked piece getting accepted to now I've been really good about working hard to make sure I always had 2-3 scheduled to be published, but I've been lax for a while now. 

So I'm working on a few things, but the research is taking forever. I'd love to do another criminal escapes article but the views on the last one weren't very high, despite lots of positive comments. Perhaps I'll do something about the worst serial killers nobody has ever heard of. That's the recipe for comedy, right?

On second thought, I'd better order another americano and hit the drawing board again. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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