Monday, April 1, 2013

Cracked Article: 5 Fan Theories That Make Classic Movies Even Better

I'm running late to work (again), but I'll get a post and rejected entries up tonight! Read the article here.


Hey-oh, thanks for being patient. So this article was rare in that I only had one rejected entry that I contributed. Originally I pitched two: one about Pulp Fiction (the briefcase containd Marsellus Wallace's soul) and the Inception theory, but the first was rejected because it was mentioned in a line of another Cracked article.

After that I pitched two more, the Kill Bill one (I swear I wasn't determined to include Tarantino, it just happened) and the Willy Wonka theory.

This article was tons of fun to research. Normally it takes weeks and sometimes months to push a pitch through and get it accepted, but this one was the quickest Yes I've ever had. Granted I didn't come up with the premise, I just hopped on. But reading different fan theories was interesting and it never got frustrating, and I had a few "Oh damn" moments about different films.

In all, I wrote the Kill Bill, Willy Wonka and Inception entries. Hope you all enjoyed the article, here's my one rejected entry:

Pulp Fiction
The Theory:
The briefcase contains Marsellus Wallace's soul

Why It's Plausible
Wallace is seen with a band-aid on his neck, and according to the Bible that's where the devil extracts a person's soul (and we all know about the overt Bible references prevalent in Pulp Fiction). Then there's the fact that the suitcase's code is 666 and whatever was inside glowed and seemed to awe those looking it.

The theory goes on to say that Wallace sold his soul and was attempting to buy it back. Those three kids Jules and Vincent killed were actually the devil's helpers; remember when the fourth kid came out of the bathroom and every shot missed? Jules said it was God stopping the bullets, and it was, because they were saving a soul and nothing else is as important as a human soul.

And doesn't Wallace seem exactly like the top of guy who would sell his soul and then send his two best hitmen to get it back?

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