Sunday, February 10, 2013

Never Satisfied

Well, I've officially handed in the semi-sequel to my Cracked article on insane prison breaks. This one will be more focused on insanely badass escapes rather than dumb ones.

Overall, it was way more fun to write than the dumb escapes. Doing the research on Bundy and Dahmer was depressing, even though it was stuff I'd already known. The new article was not only more fun, but always got me super pumped up by the end.

Other than that I'm just working on another article that's due, and trying to get two more accepted. The Iconic Songs article has over a million views, so my next goal is to write something that gets two million. It's funny, six months ago I'd have been thrilled to write something that got 50,000 views. Clearly I'm never satisfied.

Anyways, hope the first month of the new year treated everyone well. Here's a picture of Swat Kats to guarantee February will be awesome.

The Radical Squadron!

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