Saturday, March 2, 2013

Workshops and Blurbs

Any day now I should have another article go up. It's weird, because I've been saying that for a while now, and I keep putting off updating because I figure, "Well it'll probably go live tomorrow, I'll update then." And that is how weeks pass with no posts.

But I'm working on new stuff right now. I have something due for Cracked that I need to finish, as well as new stuff I've been pitching to them. Their Writing Workshop is without a doubt one of the best things I've ever been a part of. I urge anyone who has ever wanted to write to check it out, it's the only place I know of where a random schlub from the streets can have a best-selling writer (David Wong, one of the senior editors, has been on the list twice) giving them feedback on different ideas. It's unique and amazing and I'm grateful it exists.

In other news, I think I should plug my Twitter and my blog more often. After my last Cracked article went up with a little blurb at the bottom about both, I got about a half-dozen new followers and hundreds of unique page-views. I know, my Twitter profile is impressive. 30 followers? Be awed.

Here's a picture combining two of the best things (Indiana Jones and iPhone games):

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