Saturday, December 15, 2012

Updates and Hypocrisy

I failed pretty soundly at the whole "update more" thing. So while I'm trying to write a piece right now I figured I'd come over here and say something to the readerbase that does not exist. Yet.

I've working on a couple of different things at the moment. I've actually already submitted (and been paid for!) three different things to a high-trafficked site, so I'm excited. Another one has been accepted by them and I'm working on the "finishing my part" of it. One more for them and I get a highly coveted "Veteran Writer" status and (a slightly less coveted, but only slightly) double in pay.

So other than rambling about stuff I'm working on in an even more vague manner, I'll end this here. Here's a quote from Tombstone, because I love that movie and it sounds like the kind of thing I'd have as a tag for a blog.

Doc Holliday: It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.
Wyatt Earp: Doc you're not a hypocrite, you just like to sound like one.

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